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1st Milestone

In 1998, Pacific Agriscience Pte Ltd was established in Singapore

2nd Milestone

In 2001, Pacific Agriscience Pty Ltd was established in Australia

3rd Milestone

In 2020, Pacific Agriscience Pte Ltd was renamed to Pacific Agriscience Hong Kong Ltd

Sourcing Agrochemicals for the global market

Registration Services for Agrochemicals

We have a great number of generic pesticide products with data packages registered in Australia and we offer duplications of these registrations to companies interested in entering the Australian market more directly. With the changing business landscape where the supply chain is shortening, manufacturers and formulators need to be closer to the markets and end-users. Founder of Pacific Agriscience, C S Liew has made speeches (Zhenghe's Art of Collaboration) and written articles on this subject.

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Live Speech by CS Liew on Chinese AgChem Manufacturers

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